Clayton Logging is a BBB Accredited Logging Company in Pierce City, MO

Logging Company | Pierce City

Clayton logging, located in Pierce City, Missouri, has been providing quality logging and timber removal services since 1961. With our vast experience in the Logging business, Clayton Logging takes pride in being a professional and family owned business that crosses state lines to cut timber. If you are in Arkansas, Missouri, Oklahoma, or Kansas, know that Clayton Logging has been providing service for nearly fifty years.

Feel free to contact Clayton logging for a free consultation so we can help you determine what steps to take in order to fit your timber removal needs. We will give you the best price for harvesting your timber, and we also buy standing timber lump sum.

If you’re interested in making some money on your timber, look no further than Clayton Logging. We offer custom solutions to our customers on an individual basis, so feel free to contact us through this web site, or give us a call directly at 1.888.9Logger, and let us solve your timber removal needs.

At Clayton Logging we provide

  • Free consultation since 1961
  • Buyer of standing and damaged timber
  • A half century of timber cutting experience
  • Family owned business that is reliable
  • We cut timber in Arkansas, Missouri, Oklahoma and Kansas, serving the four state area for nearly 50 years.

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If you are in need of a logging company we urge you to contact us. Our team is standing by to answer any questions you may have. We look forward to hearing from you and seeing how we can assist you in all your tree removal needs.

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Logging Company | Pierce City

Serving clients in Arkansas, Missouri, Oklahoma and Kansas